Develop a Plan
Be Flexible and Adaptable
Improvise When Offers Come Your Way

Plan Your Path

Be specific!

Begin with an outcome in mind.

Saying "I want to go college" isn't enough. Or "I want to get a job" isn't enough.

What specific outcomes will result from your actions?

What do you need to learn for your career? What specific skills will you need?

How do I find out exactly what knowledge and skills I will need?

How much will my education and training cost?

How long will it take?

To maximize your return on investment (cost vs return) on your education it is critical to understand the knowledge and skills you will need and how you can acquire them. This will reduce the amount of time and money needed to achieving your goals.

Where best can you acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for success?

When you go into unchartered territory it is smart to take a compass. Knowing where true north is will keep you on course.

Your Living miDream compass includes:

• Vision
• Key Beliefs
• Key Skills Needed
• Key Initiatives

Know where you are going,
keep true to your beliefs,
know what tools you will need along the way, and
take action that aligns with your goals.

Work Your Plan

Create an action plan

that considers your talents, interests, money, and potential partners to fulfill your vision.

Who are the top five companies or experts in the field I'm interested in?

Contact the very best, the experts you want to emulate. Find out what they think about the knowledge, skills, and attitudes need to be successful.

How did they become the best of the best? Learn from their experience.

What life experience(s) can move me toward my goals? Volunteering, travel, professional and civic organizations can provide valuable experiences.

What education and training will provide a laser focus on my goals? College, trade schools, workshops, job shadowing, internships can provide knowledge and skills.

Who might mentor me? Find experts that you might work with to learn from them.

Starting the journey of Living miDream
The journey continues…
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