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Creating innovation solutions to compelling problems is critically important. How can you leverage your talents to solve problems you are passionate about? How does my vision, key beliefs, and initiatives align with making a difference in something larger than me?

Daniel Pink's book "Drive" explores internal vs external motivation. He identifies three elements of motivation:
•Autonomy -urge to direct one's own life
•Mastery - urge to get better and better
•Purpose - service to something larger than ourselves

Emotional Intelligence plays an important role in your happiness, success, interpersonal relation and influence.

How will I handle difficult ethical choices? What will influence my actions? What crucial conversations will I face? The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University poses "The Big Q" to open dialogue and exploration of real-life challenges.

Socially conscious businesses are finding a new market with people interested in making a difference for people and the planet. Social entrepreneurs are on the cutting edge of this business movement. Some might even call them unreasonable in their relentless mission to make a difference.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: explore the latest trends, research and analysis by the World Economic Forum.

TED Talk: Do something that adds value to who you are and who you might want to be. Do something now in a strategic way. Don't limit yourself to only your peers. Broaden your network. Look outside your inner circle for new ideas, new connects, new opportunities. Improvise as opportunities come your way.

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